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Antimicrobial Chemical Free Sheets for Sensitive Skin

Posted on 25 April 2019


Treat Yourself to the Best Sheets for Paralysis, Injuries, or Surgeries requiring Prolonged Bed Use

Prolonged bed rest tends to be one of the most challenging aspects of recovery from serious injuries. Medical professionals are very good at educating their patients about drinking lots of fluids, keeping a schedule and even working on their assigned physical therapy exercises but what we don't hear about much is about the fact that prolonged bed rest can lead to serious complications on your skin. These can range from minor bed rashes, to bed sores and more serious complications on the dermis.

Something we don't often think about is how to take care of the largest organ we have: our skin. Our skin is the protective layer our body has created to protect the body’s vital components from the elements. So while it is protecting us, we should be taking care of it. There are wonderful creams that will help individuals who have already experienced these complications on the dermis, resolve them, but very little on how to prevent these issues, to begin with.

At PUSHLiving we searched far and wide for a product that would work, almost like sunscreen, to prevent the skin from future harm as a preventative measure. What we found was these incredible antimicrobial, chemical-free sheets.

The textiles in the sheets are rich in tryptanthrin which is an antimicrobial ingredient found in indigo that supports skin-healing. The sheet is crafted with a high thread count and hypoallergenic linen that incorporates an organic certified, long-staple cotton dyed with chemical-free natural indigo. This is a premium product that you can enjoy without the 75% markup of luxury bedware.

The result of how this bedding is created is a fully hypo-allergenic bed set that is skin-soothing, prevents skin irritations, avoids night sweats and is 100% antimicrobial. This sheet is safe for children, adults, and seniors.


Due to the fact the indigo dye is used to promote skin-soothing and skin-healing, the bed set is only available in one color. Which shows the mindfulness from the bedding producers in not utilizing any artificial coloring or natural dyes that could potentially worsen any skin related issues. The bedding comes in sizes ranging from Twin-Cal King, offers varying pillow casing options as well as your choice between a flat bottom sheet or one with a drawstring.


This bedding is highly recommended by us as an affordable alternative to luxury bedding that will take care of you while you are taking care of your recovery. You can find these sheets for sale now in our store.

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