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Climb every Mountain, TrailRider makes Hiking Accessible for Disabled

Posted on 26 May 2017

PUSHLivingStore now offers the TrailRider, an access device that enables those who are physically disabled to be carried via “Sherpa’s” to awe inspiriting destinations, previously untested and inaccessible to them.

small_OxfamIt all began in 1995 when this device was first invented and a hiking program was started in Vancouver, British Columbia. This program continues today and is funded by sales of the Kawak TrailRider benefiting the Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation.

90% of all sales of the TrailRider go to benefit programs for people with disabilities BC (and you do not have to be  Canadian Citizen to visit and partake).

 The programs are numerous: hiking, sailing (they do over 1000 sails a summer) kayaking, music, and gardening programs.

They pay for the 10 programs from six different societies that run for no cost to those with disabilities from the end of May to end of august in Vancouver, BC. You can reserve a TrailRider from Wednesday -Sunday 10-6.  Just make a reservation. If you have Sherpas. You can use on your own. If not, let them know and they will provide.

Contact the British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society.

“People with disabilities are honest I find and if they have the funds, they donate to the foundation.  Never had an issue. You are already faced with one serious issue and people who have a lot of money tend to use it to help others.” Said Stephen Hunter of the Disability Foundation.


There is now a TrailRider in almost every province in Canada.

They are even located at base camps of Mount Everest and can help get visitors to the Machi Pichu, the summit of Kilimanjaro, the Grand Canyon, Appalachi an trail and even New Hampshire.

With its one-wheel design, and ‘Sherpas’ (strong abled bodied carriers) front and back, the TrailRider makes a minimal environmental impact. This design enables it to pass along narrow trails, over obstacles and negotiate steep ground.

It can cover a wide variety of terrain, from city parks to mountain passes – and everything in-between.

Invented in 1995, and redesigned in 2005, the TrailRider has proved itself over thousands of hikes across the globe. The typical TrailRider hike is closer to home, however. Hundreds of people use the TrailRider to visit parks and vacation spots, for fishing trips and school outings, for summer camps and afternoons enjoying urban trails.

 Victoria, Australia bought 25 of these units. Many of the photos shown in this article are from the First time a paraplegic had competed in the OXFAM 100, a two-day 100kilometer walk, worldwide event (now available for sale on PUSHLivingPhotos.com for editorial use.)

The TrailRider is $6900 CAN dollar and is handmade only 10 at a time.

It is now available via PUSHLivingStore.com for only $5200US plus shipping(approximately $800-1000 to ship via truck via border broker with dimensions 60 x 24 x 32 charged on volume and 50-60 lbs weight.)

Or one can order and then fly to Vancouver and take home as personal luggage!

Many organizations have held fundraisers to purchase for their local communities.

TravAbility.travel did a feature on the Victorian Inauguration.

Here is a look at an upgraded TrailRiderdone by attaching a gearbox and motor from electric wheelbarrow which gives 6 hours of motor time…and requires only two people instead of four, which can be more appropriate for families.



The TrailRider is a lightweight, but strong, device that is ergonomically designed to maximize comfort. the TrailRider features a pneumatic tire to ease the ride and a highly reliable disc brake system for increased safety.

Features Include:

  • Single-wheel design to easily negotiate narrow trails.
  • Lightweight (50 lbs.) aluminum frame that is strong, with welded joints.
  • Folds in half, making it easy to transport.
  • Engineered to the highest specifications
  • Ergonomically designed with fully adjustable seating, footrest and armrests ensure comfort for riders and 'Sherpas.'
  • Disc braking system for safety and reliability.
  • Large profile pneumatic tire rolls smoothly over all terrain.
  • Cargo compartment conveniently holds equipment and hiking gear.
  • Quick release pins make seating adjustments and transport easy.
  • Seatback insert for children included.
  • Powder coated for a durable finish.

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