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QuadshoX; Wheelchair Shock Absorbing Suspension Kit for Manual Wheelchairs

Posted on 23 June 2017

John Morris, a  SCI- C4 Quadriplegic for the last 11 years is the President and Founder of our newest product, QuadshoX,

John created this product out of his own needs as someone with mobility challenges. He is dedicates to improving the quality life for individuals faced with mobility challenges.

They design, engineer and produce retrofit suspension systems for manual tilt-in-space wheelchairs. The QuadshoX products not only improve the "ride" of the wheelchair occupant but also aid in the mitigation of secondary injury resulting from the vibration caused by traversing rough terrain.

“Absolutely, we believe QuadshoX suspension kits should be applied to every manual wheelchair on the market. If Powerchairs come with medical benefits of full suspension, shouldn’t manual wheelchairs like the Tilt-In-Space?”

QuadshoX Benefits:

– Reducing the unnecessary pain resulting from going over a bump or crack

– Helps to prevent Skin Breakdown resulting from unstable transportation

– Reduces the spasticity/Seizures in the body caused from mobility shock

– Aids against Respiratory Issues

– Protect Spinal Alignment and helps prevent sacral sitting by absorbing shock impact

– Helps to improve the utility and increase the longevity of the wheelchair

Don’t just take our word; here is what others have said about QuadshoX:

Eden RawleyEden Rawley, 19 year old expressing how much she ‘Loves’ her suspension kit!

Name: Eden Rawley

Age: 19 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

QX-1S Testimony:

“My niece Eden has been confined to a manual wheelchair her whole life after being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth. Every bump and crack in the road sends her wheelchair rocking back and forth, not only scaring her but also causing unnecessary pain. The new rear suspension kit QuadshoX installed on her chair has been amazing at absorbing the impact of those small bumps and cracks and saving her (and me as the wheelchair pusher!) a lot of discomfort. As soon as the QuadshoX team installed her suspension kit, Eden threw up her hand in the “I Love You” sign and squealed in excitement! When I ask her now how it feels, she tells me, “Oh my gosh, I love it!”

Jessica Rawley (Aunt and Caregiver)

Zachary Scott, is a 23 yr old young man who is very active, participating in triathlons, 5ks and much more! His new QX-1 from QuadshoX helps more time overcoming new challenges! Name: Zachary Scott

Age: 23 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy and Severe Hip Dislocation

QX-1S Testimony:

“Dear QuadshoX, I am the parent of a 23 year old man, who is non-verbal and clearly communicates his needs. One of the challenges he has is managing pain. His hip is severely dislocated and his Cerebral Palsy is profound. So, over time his body has experienced compound pain without necessarily having steady support to mitigate it. We believe it is important to find ways to distinguish how movement impacts Zachary. Our hope is to increase the movement that supports his well-being and minimize the movement that hurts. Thank you for designing and developing one solution; QuadshoX!” “Going over a simple bump to get into the house is now a totally different experience. “I have never been able to get into my house that easily. I usually have to build momentum to negotiate these obstacles and now it is much easier to accomplish,” states Alexis Dickenson (caregiver for Zachary).”

Warm Regards, Scott Family and Alexis Dickenson

Hannah Rehner, 39 years old loves her suspension now that she can cruise around town pain free!

Name: Hannah Rehner

Age: 39 years old

QX-1L Testimony:

“Who would guess that the road base alley could feel so good to a wheelchair rider and the person pushing it? On the occasion that we needed to go that way, it was an ordeal, but not now. We have these uptown QuadshoX and it is simple matter.”

Diane Rehner (Hannah’s Mother and Caregiver)

John Morris, President, COO and Founder. Inspired by personal experience to improve the quality of life for those suffering like he is.

Name: John Morris

Age: 28 years old

Diagnosis: C-4 Spinal Cord Injury

QX-1L Testimony:

“As CEO and Founder of QuadshoX, I wanted to develop a product that could give the same quality of ride, just like you would get driving a powerchair, riding a bike or even enjoying a car ride. Something so simple and easy to install has changed my life. I am able to enjoy my 28 year old lifestyle. This device helped improve my postural alignment, reduced spasms, and has extended my day in the chair by twice as much. Since installing this device in January 2015, I am able to go out with my friends and family to those restaurants that I use to avoid due to the bumps and cracks outside their door. “

John Morris

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