The Paramill is the ultimate training tool

that provides conditioning and rehabilitation to anyone who uses a wheelchair. It is a very simple to use machine that allows the user to independently roll up onto it and affix the chair to the machine.

Once attached, the simple press of a button raises a roller up under the rear wheels of the chair. This roller is connected to patented flywheel system to furnish the sensation of realistic rolling. The user then has multiple options to use for working out. The resistance can be set for any level from an easy roll to the sensation of climbing a steep incline.

Each side is monitored independently on a 19" touch screen for speed, distance, and resistance. Time, pulse rate, and calories burned are also displayed. The user also has the option of going to a screen to watch TV, YouTube videos or catch up on Facebook.

The Paramill offers the freedom of both forward and backwards motion workouts and some models incorporate a new dual roller system that allows for independent left and right wheel motion and tracking.

Find out more about the uses and advantages of the Paramill, and how Wheelers' offers chair users an equal opportunity for a healthier lifestyle.