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  • GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear
  • GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear
  • GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear
  • GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear


GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear

$ 54.99



Finally, a Solution that Works

Do you or a loved one suffer from pressure ulcers on your buttocks, tailbone, coccyx, or sacrum? Then you know they’re painful, debilitating, and difficult to heal. Left untreated, pressure ulcers (commonly called “bed sores”) can lead to months of bed rest and even hospitalization.

Pressure ulcers are caused in part by friction and shear, which can be difficult to address for wheelchair users and seniors with limited mobility. Fortunately, there’s finally a solution that works.

GlideWear Shear Protection Underwear use a patented dual-layer fabric technology to protect skin and reduce the friction and shear that cause bedsores. GlideWear Underwear are durable, machine washable, and effective.

“I immediately felt a difference in how my skin felt after getting into my wheelchair in the morning… I have noticed a significant reduction in red marks on my skin and heat rash bumps were all but gone. I have since ordered six additional pairs.” — Jason in Minnesota

GlideWear Underwear are Ideal for:

  • Wheelchair users who experience redness, pain, or bed sores on the buttocks or tailbone
  • Seniors with limited mobility who spend much of the day in bed, sitting, or using a wheelchair
  • People recovering from surgery who are temporarily bed-bound

A Lasting Skin Protection Solution

When you buy GlideWear Underwear, you’re not just buying a pair of underwear. You’re buying a medical tool that prevents friction shear, which can cause painful, debilitating pressure ulcers. Remember, if you get one pressure ulcer (bed sore), you’re at a higher risk for getting another one in the future. Don’t wait. Invest in a long-term skin protection solution – buy GlideWear Underwear today.


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